The treatments offered at the Douglas Pereira Skin Health target a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Douglas has developed a unique approach in treating skin. The philosophy is a holistic one, in which every treatment is uniquely customised and tailored to your skin needs and functions, in order to better the overall health and appearance of your skin.

In conjunction with state of the art medical grade equipment, his own exclusive range of skin identical cosmeceutical products, active ingredients and years of extensive experience and knowledge Douglas will treat your skin concerns and transform your skin to become healthy, radiant skin.

We have four different treatment categories to select from. So no matter what your skin goal is, we will have a treatment to achieve health, radiant and more youthful skin.

Most of the treatments we offer have a selection of treatment levels giving you the option to select the ideal treatment for your skin.


At Douglas Pereira skin health, the belief “is great skin starts with a conversation”. And the key to achieving healthy radiant skin commences with an in-depth consultation to discover your skin goals. We have three levels of consultations, and this is where the conversation begins. Our consultations have been designed to discover, diagnose and prescribe based on your individual skin challenges and goals.

Our clinical skin health treatments are a great foundation to achieving a healthy radiant skin or to maintain your radiant glow, and targets an array of skin conditions and problematic skin issues.

Each treatment has been developed by Douglas Pereira and uses state of the art equipment, traditional methods and his exclusive range of skin identical professional cosmeceutical products.

The skin identical therapy treatments “Corneotherapy” is a preventative approach to skin care that works from the outside in. The focus is on repairing and strengthening the barrier function of the skin, the protective, outer layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum.

The treatment approach is a total customised experience, to work with your skin's own chemistry. Each technique, device and ingredient is carefully selected to target your skin goals, and to mimic the lipids and functions within your skin.

The skin identical therapy treatments is individual to your skin because of the total customisation, and is ideal for everyone but in particular anyone experiencing any kind of problem skin, skin imbalances, chronic dryness or wanting to delay the signs of ageing.

Our corrective & procedural treatments target specific skin conditions such as as facial laxity & volume, pigmentation, acne and scar revision. We have selected the most effective treatment solutions as well as developed our own targeted treatment.


What we treat

At Douglas Pereira clinical skin therapy we treat a broad spectrum of skin conditions and concerns 

Anti-ageing |  The prevention, intervention and rejuvenation of the signs of ageing

Adult acne | Douglas specialises in this very common skin challenge and achieves results his patients have not been able to see through other treatments

Scar reduction | Acne scaring, post operative, pore refinement, fine lines and wrinkles

Pigmentation and sun damage | A common challenge due to hormonal imbalances, environmental elements and skin trumor 

General rejuvenation | Great looking, healthier and younger feel in skin

Skin balancing | The treatment of imbalanced natural moisturising factors

Redness and capillary reduction | common due to sensitive thin skin

Neck & Décolletage | Skin tightening and aesthetic rejuvenation to rectify sun damage, premature ageing, loss of collagen and elastin in the neck and décolletage area 

Customised media spa relaxation therapy | The fusion of result driven methods and pure relaxation


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