CORRECTIVE & Procedural

Our corrective & procedural treatments target specific skin conditions such as as facial laxity & volume, pigmentation, acne and scar revision. We have selected the most effective treatment solutions as well as developed our own targeted treatment.


Neocollagenesis REMODELLING

Anti - Ageing

Skin Tightening & Remodelling | Pore Refining | Brightening

45min | 60min | 90min

The Neocollagenesis remodeling therapy treatment is the signature service designed by Douglas using state of the art technology, traditional manual facial methods combined with the power of medical grade active ingredients.

The treatment is designed to stimulate and awaken the skins functions, betters skin health, firms skin laxity, tightening and lifts the facial contour by stimulating muscle strength, increases collagen and elastin production.

The Neocollagenesis remodeling therapy treatment focuses on the remodeling and restoration of your skin to better your skins health and appearance, whilst simultaneously treating the signs of ageing and falling facial structure. It like a mini face-lift

During the session Douglas will customise your treatment to improve your skins condition on that day, as well as target facial lifting and contouring with key technologies.

The treatment uses a variety of devices during the session but the key device used to achieve the facial lifting and contouring is the “Structural Remodeling System” (SRS)

Collagen induction therapy

Scar Reduction

Skin Tightening| Scar reduction | Pore Refining


Skin Needling “Dermapen” is a great solution for many skin conditions. These include wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, scars, pore refinement and stretch marks.

It can also stimulate wound healing, as well as tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin.  Skin needling complements other treatment options already offered, such as chemical peels and microhydrabration.

Skin needling provides unparalleled collagen induction via fractional delivery of micro-needles into the epidermis and dermis. This micro stimulation triggers the body's innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin through the physiology of collagen induction.

Douglas offers a range of skin needling treatments utilising the Dermapen skin needling system. Options include a full-face treatment for scarring or rejuvenation to an advanced facial therapy treatment which infuses active ingredients one thousand times more than a regular face treatment.  Spot treating is also available as a followup service.   

The session level will be determined by your skins requirements.

It is recommend to commence with a full face course of three sessions seven weeks apart

Needle lengths used: 0.5mm - 2.5mm

Cosmelan depigmentation Program

De pigmentation

X3 session (X1 Cosmelan peel, X1 Post peel followup, X1 four week point followup)

The Cosmelan Peel Treatment by Mesoestetic is a uniquely effective depigmentation peel, designed to tackle a variety of common skin pigmentation problems. Performing significantly better than most comparable depigmentation topicals, the Cosmelan Peel Treatment works by decreasing the skin’s natural production of melanin through the blocking of certain enzymes. The result is a significantly more even and balanced complexion, often producing noticeable results in as little as two weeks.

As the Cosmelan Peel Treatment doesn’t involve the use of hydroquinone, it is suitable for the vast majority of skin types and all skin tones. Potential side effects are reduced to relatively minor redness and peeling, which typically subsides within 3 to 5 days. Tried, tested and trusted worldwide, the advanced Cosmelan Peel Treatment has shown remarkable capabilities in treating even the most severe cases of hyperpigmentation.

Dermamelan medical depigmentation Program

De pigmentation

X3 session (X1 Dermamelan peel, X1 Post peel followup, X1 four week point followup)

Dermamelan peel Treatment by Mesoestetic, is a medical grade treatment to reduces and in many cases entirely eliminates skin blemishes of a melamic nature. This includes freckles, melasma, age pots and sun spots. A Dermamelan treatment increases your skin’s softness and luminosity and leaves you with a clearer, tighter skin tone and a younger looking complexion.

As well as skin depigmentation, the Dermamelan peel hydrates and increases the skin’s plumpness. It’s safe, doesn’t contain hydroquinone, is simple to apply and reduces all types of melanin skin blemishes including sunspots and dark patches.

The Dermamelan treatment formula has excellent skin tolerance – it equalises skin tone and gives it a younger looking lightness and luminescence. Results are normally evident within a week after treatment, with continued improvement over the next four to six weeks.

Acnelan acne program 


X3 60min consecutive treatments is required for optimal results. These are performed at 15-21 day intervals 

The highly effective Acnelan peel by Mesoestetic is a multi-factor mask, which exfoliates the skin and reduces acne scarring, whilst removing all impurities from the skin. After the initial Acnelan peel treatment, our professionals apply a post-neutralising spray and then gently massage into the skin a pore-sealing solution. At home, you’ll need to apply a number of Acnelan peel skin products supplied.

A day after treatment you may experience a slight redness, or hotness of the face, and some itchiness, as the peel does its work. For the next few days, you’ll become aware of the skin shedding. Results of your Acelan mesoestetic peel should be immediate – there’ll be an improvement in the condition of your skin – your complexion should be clearer, smoother and more radiant and the acne scarring much reduced.

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