At Douglas Pereira skin health, the belief “is great skin starts with a conversation”. And the key to achieving health radiant skin commences with an in-depth consultation to discover your skin goals. We have three levels of consultations, and this is where the conversation begins. Our consultations have been designed to discover, diagnose and prescribe based on your individual skin challenges and goals.


Initial consultation


Douglas Pereira believes the key to achieving beautiful skin begins with a conversation about your skins history and current condition. This is imperative in achieving the best results possible for your skins health.

During an initial consultation Douglas will spend 30 minutes talking with you about your skin and the goals you want to achieve. Once all the information about your skin has been assessed, Douglas will then inform you of your skins current state of health and recommended solutions.

Following the 30 miniute skin conversation Douglas will then perform a 30 minute skin assessment to develop a treatment customised to your skin needs. This treatment assessment will give Douglas a visual understanding of your skins response and physical state.

DNA derm-genetic consultation 

Two phase consultation | X1 30min | X1 60min

The DNA Derma-Genetic consultation is a two step consultation to better understand the genetic blueprint of your skin and its ageing process. Using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities based on your skins DNS. The test examines 16 genetic markers, in 5 categories associated with skin ageing.

The five testing categories:

1. Firmness + Elasticity: Identify if you are a carrier of key genetic variations associated with accelerated collagen loss even before the signs have become visible

2. Wrinkling: Not often discussed, Glycation affects collagen and elastin fibres glycation and is now well recognised as a leading cause of accelerated skin aging

3. Sun Damage + Pigmentation: The sun’s UV rays are one of the most significant causes of premature skin aging. An individual’s genes play an important role in determining how well their skin can naturally cope under the strains of the sun

4. Free Radical Damage: Scientists now believe that free radicals are causal factors in nearly ever known disease, from heart disease to arthritis, cancer to cataracts. In fact, free radicals are a main culprit in the aging process of the skin itself

5. Sensitivity + Inflammation: Excessive inflammation is one of the most common themes in early onset skin aging. While it is a helpful response in the short term, if inflammation continues, it can play a negative role. Often subtle, the signs include skin sensitivity, redness and irritation

How it works:

Phase 1: (30min)

Consultation: You and your therapist discuss you skin concerns, challenges and goals. Then complete a DNA skin questionnaire

Collection: A swab from the inside your cheek will be collected and sent to the lab for analysis

Seven days later your test results are reddy for you phase two consultation

Phase 2: (60min)

Review & Diagnoses : We commence your second consultation by reviewing the test results of your DNA skin test and the information collected in your first consultation. This information becomes your skin’s blueprint to achieving health radiant skin, and gives us the factual data to create the your personalised professional treatment.

Treatment: Then based your DNA results your therapist perform a customised skin treatment targeting your key skin challenges and goals

Prescription: Based on your DNA results and your skins response from your treatment, your therapist will design a targeted treatment and home care plan.

Follow up consultation 


The followup consultation if for existing clients that require a review post treatment or seeking a short skin advices session.

Contact the clinic to book a consultation and understand how you can achieve healthy radiant skin