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Using a combination of state of the art medical grade equipment, Douglas' own exclusive range of skin identical cosmeceutical products, active ingredients, and his many years of knowledge about the skin, Douglas will take a customised approach to treating each person’s skin individually.

Douglas approaches your skin based on its current condition, your skin goals and the performance of your skins functions. From here he will assess the best solutions for your skin and personalise a single treatment or design a plan to achieve your skin goals, for healthy radiant skin.

At Douglas Pereira Skin Health a broad spectrum of skin challenges and conditions are treated. Douglas specialises in the prevention, intervention and rejuvenation of the signs of ageing, pigmentation, adult acne and acne scar reduction.

His flagship clinic is located on Park Street in Sydney CBD, with views over looking Hyde Park and the eastern skyline.

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Douglas Pereira

Founder & clinical skin specialist

Highly respected throughout the beauty, cosmetic and medical industry Douglas has worked across many areas of the industry over the past twenty four years.

He commenced his career working in high-end day spas and progressed into senior education positions with leading international skincare groups which saw him travel around Australia and abroad educating on the fundamentals of the skin.

Over the last twelve years Douglas has made a name for himself as a leading clinical skin specialist in Sydney Australia. He has worked closely with some of Australia’s leading Plastic, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons and cosmetic physicians through his own medical focused skin clinic “Douglas Pereira Skin Health”.

Using his years of practical, technicall and theoretical knowledge, Douglas has developed a unique approach to treating skin. This approach is based on his philosophy of “using a customised approach to work in conjunction with the skins function to better the health and visual appearance of your skin”.

Not only has Douglas established a well-respected clinic but he has also developed a range of skin identical cosmeceutical skincare products, a mineral makeup collection and a range of complementary wellbeing and health care products. All are used within his clinic and for home care use.

Douglas believes that you can have amazing skin at any age.

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Skincare Product

Skin Identical Cosmeceuticals

Douglas Pereira's cosmeceutical skincare range has been developed to naturally ‘train’ your skin to better regenerate itself. Active ingredients which are compatible with the body’s natural functions are used to encourage the skin to transform on a cellular level.

By allowing these active ingredients to penetrate beyond the more superficial epidermal layer of the skin, a biological change to the dermal cells becomes possible. This is the essence of Douglas Pereira cosmeceuticals and transformational skincare.

Many scientific studies and research articles support the effectiveness in treating the skin and its functions utilising these active ingredients.

However, these unique ingredients are only one part of the equation. As important as certain components are in a product, it is the delivery system of these ingredients which will determine the impact a product has on your skin.

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